Why you need an Interior designer and What they do?

Interior Designing is a specialized field in the Architecture industry. When most people think of interior Design they think of the tv shows and picking out pretty curtains but that’s an interior decorator. It may sound like there is no difference but there is a big one. Interior decorators just make it look cute and it doesn’t require course ( in most cases ). When you are an interior designer you do the work of a decorator + more. You deal with math, codes of conduct, regulations, and more.

A space that’s YOU

Making a home, or an office, is a huge investment for people, and sometimes it’s their lifelong dream. Client(s) have a lot of ideas, opinions and suggestions for their own space, which as an interior designer, it is very important for you to take into account. The personal taste of a client(s), their choices, their personality dictate a lot of design decisions. Hence, Interior designers “Put themselves in the client’s shoes” and think from their point of view. Asking questions like, “What colors do they like?”, “Will straight lines go with Client(s) personality or should adopt fluidity in design?”, “Will Client like wallpaper or a plain wall full of pictures?” is a definite must!

Your space needs a functional design for practicality

The design of your home, office, or any building should have perfectly executed concepts. This includes the symmetry and continuity in design that an interior designer was trained to create.

It can save you time and money

Saving money when you hire an interior designer may sound counter-intuitive but if you really think about it, you’d see the logic. An interior designer can save you from committing expensive mistakes like choosing the wrong paint color or coffee table — which looked beautiful in-store but not so much when introduced in your home. In addition, the designer very well knows the order in which he/she should carry out all the work, saving you a tonne of time that you’d otherwise spend in figuring it all out. It is a wise idea, to introduce your designer to your home early on; to save any revisions later connect them to your contractor when the home is still getting built.

Interior designers help you with your budgeting and planning.

Hiring an interior designer not only helps you save money, but they also help you in your budget and planning. An interior designer knows where to go for resources and anything related to the building of your space. They have a wide availability of general merchandise, resources, and connections.

How Much Does an Interior Designer Charge?

Now that you know what value interior designers hold, the next time you’re planning to design your space, consider these points, and make a rational decision. You might be curious about How Much Does an Interior Designer Charge?

Well, the charges for Interior design vary based on the scope of project and designer involvement. The industry also considers the client's budget before providing an estimate.

Designers charges computed normally on several parameters Per Sqft, Percentage of Overall Cost, Markup on Products, Lump Sum, Site Visit Charges, Iteration Charges, Design-only Cost, and Site Supervision Cost.

Archvative Pricing

We believe in transparency and don’t have any hidden costs. The final cost you pay includes everything — furniture and products, design and management fee, charges for services, delivery and installation, and taxes. So, what is the design and management fee?

We charge a flat 7% to compensate for the designer’s time spent on the residential project. Which makes Archvative the most budgeted and planned one-stop Interior platform.

***Price Varies for commercial and industrial projects as per the required service.

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